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Chasing away the night

What to paint when you draw the assignment 'Brand new day' during a birthday workshop? I don't paint that much [say never], so where to begin and what if I do it wrong... The blank paper frightened me. But then I heard the teacher explaining to someone else you start with the background first.

OK, a sunrise red/orange/pink sky, that's a start. Ah, nice! Let's continue with the foreground... Uhm... mountains? Why not. Oh, I stopped too soon with my sunrise sky and I don't have that color mix anymore... Solution: paint bigger mountains ;) Don't forget the sunny and shady side of the hills! Now the rising sun.. It feels good to paint in a circling movement. Oh, wait, now my sun is too big for a early morning sun! I don't care, I like this sun. And let me put some night sky and a bit of morning fog around the mountain tops. And a town in the valley as finishing touch.

The 2 hour workshop was over before I knew it. And there's no piece of blank paper left!

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