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About StutterShutter

StutterShutter is a web site that every day publishes either a photo, a piece of text or a combination of the two.

Below you'll find a brief introduction of all people that currently contribute to StutterShutter or have contributed in the past.



Sometimes it just takes a lot of time to recruit people for our site. We'd been working Chris-Jan for almost half a year before he finally gave in. But I think we can all agree it was worth our effort.


Esther is a girl of many talents. Two of these talents are on periodic display here at stuttershutter.


Frank is.... well... Frank. He can be found on StutterShutter on Mondays.


With all the things that Gertjan keeps himself busy with (see his own site), it's a miracle that he sometimes finds enough time to contribute to our site.


A decade ago, an inquisitive child locked within the body of an adult decided to capture curiousity on film, becoming a hobby ever since. Then there's FOOD, cooking,growing or digesting... it all adds up to a passion for food.


Usually Maisha stands in front of the camera, but now she has taken it upon herself to capture others and interesting things on film!


Given Manon's experience with this type of site, StutterShutter would not be complete without her. She has taken it upon herself to post on Wednesday - even though she prefered the Tuesday spot that she had in the early days of StutterShutter.


She started taking pictures at parties when she was a student. Over time she learned that other subjects were just as interesting as partying people. So these days those other subjects have a central place in her pictures.


Born and raised in the Green Heart of the Netherlands, most of Mario's inspiration comes from the Dutch coutrylife.


Marleen was the first StutterShutter author to "claim a day". In her case it was the Wednesday. She stopped being a weekly author early 2008, but promises to keep us up to date from time to time.


It took some convincing to get Martine to join our StutterShutter crew. But once she joined she posted great stuff every single week, until she retired in early 2008. If you'd like to see her back, just let us know.


Mathijs normally contributes to snowstone. But all that text and can become a bit boring, not to mention lonesome. That's why he's decided to post for us on Fridays.


Nuno is probably the biggest traveller in our editorial team. Which often results in amazing pictures from even more amazing places.


Piet's biggest pastimes are making drawings and paintings based on photo's he takes. But since this is not an art site, his originals will be on display here.


Photography comes naturally to Susanne. But writing the words takes more time and effort.


Tako currently lives in Madrid. You can find out more about him on his own site.

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